Teamviewer Boasts over 2 Billion Downloads

See it for yourself on TeamViewer's website - click here

Teamviewer boasts over 2 Billion downloads. I find it hard to believe that Teamviewer cannot make competitive prices for poorer people. At $49.99 per month for the basic package to its users. That's a lot of money. You can do the math. All I want is a package that is affordable for the every day person. I don't have a business. I use the free Teamviewer when they allow it. I have been accused of being a business again. They have all of this technology to track the usage of Teamviewer but they can't tell when someone is using to help out their Mom of their Pastor. Boo! Teamviewer! Boo! For your greed. I bit my thumb at you.

Click Here to hear my disappointment.

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