1st Day of Hybrid, Go Kierstyn

1st Day of Hybrid...

"OMG, Christopher what are you doing? No!!!"

"But, it's your first day of hybrid. It's a special occasion." Smile!

"Strike a pose?"


"Yes, I am serious."

"Oh... Alight, just hurry up!"

"I'm blowing this joint. I'm out!"

"Ok, now you are really doing the most... too much!"

"I'm outta here, don't follow me!"

"SHS, here we go... !"

"Wait, you can't go, Mom... No!!!"

"I'm coming... wait..."

"You can't leave us, Nooo!!!!!!!!" "Mooom, stop it!"


"She can't leave, she can't do this to us... It's just not right!"

"Alright, I made it."

And here is the bus... "She's gone"

Have a great day, Kierstyn. "We will miss you! Love you!"

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